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Thank you for your consideration, and for taking the time to look into North Cal Services.  My name is Rudy Milanez and I am the owner and, operator of this Company.  I know your question at this time is
“North Cal Services”?  Let me explain a little about the name and how it came to be.   I was born in Prosser and graduated from Grandview High School class of 1999.  I then moved to California to experience the big city life.  I decided to start a handy man business in 2003 and was servicing San Jose-San Francisco.  I wanted to put my experience to the test.  I had no Idea my business would flourish as it did.  It was a great time for me as a young adult.  My experience as a Handy man qualified me to go to obtain a Contractor State License in Ca.  California is much harder to be a Contractor then here in WA but it comes with its advantages.  I decided to go back to school in 2006 to the “Contractors State License School of California”.  I graduated in 2007 with my Contractors State license of California.  I then ran a very successful business in California till 2012.  My personal life at that time was getting to difficult after having our two kids and my wife a full time student.  We decided to move back to our home town of Grandview WA where we would have our family to help out with the kids.


I decided in 2013 to obtain a Washington State Contractors License.  I searched long and hard for a new name but could not let “North Cal Services” come to an end.  I decided to keep the name since I had lots invested into it and had many wonderful reviews that I did not want to lose.  My experience over the years has leaded me to specialize in High quality Bathrooms Remodels, Hardwood floorings, Bamboo floorings, and any tip of Tile work.  I can also do many other projects at your request.


Why hire “North Cal Services”?  I run a small business.  I do this to insure my customers get what we agreed on.   I have been in the business of remodeling homes going on 13 years.   I am a high quality, attention to detail individual who will install your products as best as possible.  I will be working with you from start to finish.  I can help you find the right products to meet your needs and budget.   You can rest assured when hiring “North Cal Services”  that I will be on your side till the end.


we are only a phone call away

(509) 831-1969
​for a price estimate
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